That being said, The Sims 2 Apartment Pets did a fair enough job of maintaining my attention, at least, for an hour or so. Initially I was instructed to conjure up a Sim character using the slightly limited customization options. I first had to choose the gender. The top screen displayed sketchy renders of both a male and female Sim. After choosing, I proceeded to choose a face, hair, and clothing. Ok, so maybe more emphasis was placed on the actual environments within Apartment Pets. I booted up the game.

Again with the low scores…Apartment Pets picks up an overal 5.5 from GameZone.  I guess this is another game to get when it makes its way into the bargin bin.  Problem is…even though I have a DS, I just never use it.  I’m always on the go so handhelds are perfect…but at the same time when I’m on the go, I’m busy.  I can’t win!