I know we live in a star-centric culture, but our business doesn’t work that way. There’s no doubt that the creative vision of Will Wright is vitally important to “Spore.” But I will tell you something: Lucy Bradshaw, the executive producer and the entire team around them, is every bit as responsible for that game as Will is. And Will wouldn’t tell you anything different.

I disagree with CEO John Riccitiello on a few things, but the above quote I do see his point.  In an article over at MTV Multiplayer, there is a discussion with Riccitiello on why aren’t game developers given credit on the box (much like how movies have credits on the DVD).

Well, as much as credit should be given when it is due, I don’t think placing all of the names on the box is a good idea.  Spore has around 90+ people on the team, and if they were to be covered, would take probably the whole back of the box.  I’d rather see pictures of the game in action to help determine if it is a good buy then to read who did what.  Stick it in the game’s manual!

MTV Multiplayer » EA: Why Will Wright’s Name Shouldn’t Be On A Game’s Box (How To Give Proper Credit)