Anyone here play the N-Gage?  I swear it seems the only people that play it are the ones who review the games.  But I guess the games have to sell some amount, as they are still developed. 

The Sims 2 Pets is the latest to  be reviewed on the N-Gage thanks to PocketGamer.  It earned the score of 5.

Visually and audibly, on the other hand, it’s quite superb, as the dog bounds, rolls and skips playfully about your virtual heels. But this only seems to compound the disappointment, as the excellent animation hints strongly at what sort of game this could have been with a lot more thought about the nature of the gameplay.

The thin silver lining is that, should the developers decide to follow Pets up, there’s some top notch ground work in there to make it an invigorating, dynamic game.

Until then, however, there really is very little to keep you entertained, and taking into account the weighty price tag we’re forced to further doubt the validity of such a watered down addition to the superb Sims franchise.

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