What is it about the name Spore that resonates with you?

Well originally it was a codename that my art director Ocean Quigley came up with. I was considering SimEverything for the longest time but after living with the title Spore it just fit on so many different levels of the game. First of all you start the game as a spore, this tiny little agent of life. But also when you create stuff in the game it goes to these computer servers and then it gets sent to other players, a process we were calling pollination.

And the other reason is that the Sims had become such a franchise I was afraid if we put Sim in front of it people would start thinking in terms of the Sims, and I really wanted Spore to live on its own landscape.

Will must be up to his eyeballs in interviews right now.  However, this seems to be one of the better ones as he describes how he came up with the ideas of certain aspects of the name, tools, and more.

CBCnews – Q & A with Spore Creator Will Wright

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