First, you know that the Wii suffers from terribly grainy, low-res graphics. That wouldn’t wash with PC gamers, so there are crisp and sharp high resolution visuals, with higher-res textures and better water effects. It won’t make anyone rethink Crysis’ scale on the graphics ladder, but it does look about 10 times better than the Wii game.

The PC game will also feature some exclusive content, with new locations, non-player characters, and “essences”, which are used in various parts of content creation. You can also package up objects that you make in game; doing so creates a small package file in your documents folder that you can easily attach to an email. A recipient simply needs to drop it into their corresponding game folder and the object appears in their game. With that said, this feature seems a bit old fashioned; EA could have made this a lot simpler, with something like the content sharing in Spore.

Well, I guess that pretty much decides that this game will be superior over the console.  Although I will miss out on the hand-motions that the Wii has to offer.

IGN – MySims PC Preview