“Will is the Albert Einstein of the gaming business — no one else is pushing boundaries like he is,” said Geoff Keighley, the host of GameTrailers TV, a specialist web-based video games review.

“He is right up there with Shigeru Miyamoto in terms of his contributions to the gaming industry,” Keighley added, referring to Nintendo Co Ltd’s legendary games designer who created many of the firm’s smash hits like Donkey Kong.

Will Wright and the Maxis Team must be under a ton of pressure.  Everyone hopes that the game will do all right – and chances are it will blow everyone out of the water.  But still, there is always that spot in the back of the mind that there is a chance for the game to be a total letdown.  I still stand by my word that Spore will kick ass once it is unleashed to the public.

EA needs creative guru’s gaming spore to click