I was very disappointed by this years E3.  I don’t mean EA’s showcase in general with Sim games.  We had plenty of news thanks to them, I mean the event itself as a whole.  All 3 major press conferences (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) blew chunks, with Nintendo being the huge letdown (but they usually are, and this is coming from a Nintendo fan).

Will Wright compares E3 as “It almost feels like a zombie at this point; it’s the walking dead.”  I have to agree with him on this point.  Before they trimmed E3 down to press only, it would be a sight to see.  Many people gathered around for this huge event.  Gamers, booth babes, those people that dress up (cosplay), you could find it all.  Now?  Eh…not so much.

GamesIndustry – Will Wright “E3 is the walking dead”