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Once again, I fail with my German language skills.  But thankfully we have people like GrapeFruit over at the GamingSteve (I <3 that site).  Translation is below:

Ok, here it is. Some things we know already, but there are some interesting details.

  • his home planet is named Gigantia (no hint if he could name it at the beginning, but doubtful)
  • he didn’t find his colony at first (lol, noob)


  • to repair (and refuel?) his spaceship he has to contact the homeplanet and request repairing (and not just visit it)
  • the planet at 1:20 (2nd) used to be totally red, he dropped those plants on there before
  • there used to be a bubble above the colony, which disappeared when the atmosphere got dense enough
  • you can edit colonies like you can edit a city in civ phase (didn’t know that, might not be news)
  • the location of the save game icon in the main menu is actually the location of the home planet of said save game in the universe (though I do not 100% trust them, these guys can be rather oblivious at times)
  • they are wondering if it’s possible to fly to another savepoint (and visit the creature you evolved there)
  • the coloured lines are trade routes (if there was any doubt to that)
  • at 3:18 (2nd vid) he changes the color of his home planet and the water on it
  • 3:52 his weapons: photon-rockets and an EMP (which, as he says, covers the whole planet)
  • he uses the EMP at 4:00 (pity we can’t really see the effects)
  • 4:20: he plans to populate the planet with the colony we saw before
  • he abducts various trees and animals (all at once) for the populating
  • 5:15: he visits an ally
  • you can buy whole solar systems from your allies. it would cost him 500’000 but he only has 76’000
  • he says you really have to play (and work) for a while to get the bad ass weapons (eg. planet buster)
  • he finds the controls in the space phase a bit fiddly (I find that a bit surprising… but whatever)
  • they criticize the fact that the whole evolving is done after phase 2, although it is one major point which spore is being promoted with. They don’t seem to know that the decisions you make early have effects even in space phase (seems hard to tell for someone who doesn’t know that)
  • 6:40: a message comes in, saying that the eco-system of a planet is endangered by a spreading virus (no hints to how this can be solved, he doesn’t really get there)
  • 7:00 they find a terraforming tool
  • the planets are pretty much all the same size (except gas giants, of course)

they say they’d do more on spore later on… I want to see that, too!

They don’t really know what Spore is all about (still better than that magazine review guy, though), but they are enthralled by the vastness of spacestage and that a great part of the game is just exploring and doing whatever you feel like. The guys at GIGA are usually  something between hardcore and casual gamer…

I hope I didn’t miss anything important

Source:  Rob (for the videos) and Grapefruit (for the translation notes) over at GamingSteve