If you are familiar with modding for The Sims 2, then you should know Wes Howe.  He has been an important figure in the Sims 2 Modding Community and he is now currently working on Spore.  He has created a new program called “SpView”.

SpView is a mesh rendering program that can load Sims 2 GMDC format mesh files, as well as Spore >GMDL and .GMSH mesh files. The Sims 2 files can be extracted from the game, or custom content files using SimPE. The program includes a new format file extractor for Spore game files. The program itself does not edit or modify meshes or textures, just allows them to be combined, positioned and viewed.

Of course, a mesh would be pretty miserable looking (in this case, all white) without being colored or textured. SpView provides the capability, based on the underlying Ogre library code, to load any of a number of standard format image files (including PNG, JPG, TGA and DDS files) to be used in materials to paint the meshes with. It also has a tool to convert Spore .rast files to .DDS files, to allow direct support.

You can check it out by clicking the image above, going directly to his site, or by visiting our Spore – Programs section!

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