This week’s 1UP FM Podcasts talks on Spore and player-created content with Maxis’ Morgan Roarty and Shawn Elliott.

Some of the Spore highlights (thanks to GamingSteve Forum member ScotlandTom) are:

  • 25:00  The early release of the CC will have a definite positive impact on creature animation.
  • 29:35  No plans for free releases of the other editors.
  • 32:00  The size of a creature makes a difference in the game.
  • 38:00  There are “Maxis style” cheats in the game.
  • 38:50  All the editors will be unlocked from the get-go, though it seems like you’ll still have to play through the game in order to unlock the different phases.
  • 40:40  The game does try to push you forward through the various phases.  It still sounds like progressing to the next phase can be done at the player’s leisure, they’ll simply be highly motivated to move forward via in-game means (missions and the like probably.)
  • 41:15  You CAN run into other creatures you’ve created.  However, it is unclear as to whether these are creatures in other saved games or if they are simply random creatures you’ve created and are in your local database.
  • 48:35  There are options being discussed about how to deal with creature stealing, but nothing definite now.

The show is 55.8MB and lasts for 2 hours.

Listen here