Oh well if this isn’t a slap in EA’s face, a very good one.  You see, you just can’t keep pirates down, not matter what crap DRM you try to put down.  We (the legimate users) are forced to have DRM to keep us from not pirating the game – hell, we are even limited to 3 activation installs then we have to contact EA for premission to get another key.

Well, it looks like the team called ViTaLiTY has finally created a full 100% version of the Spore Creature Creator.  And you know what?  According to the comments, it even allows full premission to upload to Sporepedia since the site detects it as a legimate copy.

Now I’m really, really ticked off.  I know that piracy can never be prevented…but why is it that we are told what we are aloud/not aloud to do with our products when we purchase the game, while the hackers can remove whatever they want?

Hey, EA – get this.  Once Spore is released, it’s going to take hackers 2 weeks to hack the game.  Actually, it will probably even be sooner than that since now the hackers are familiar with this version of SecuROM which will be the same version for when Spore ships.

How about you just drop the whole copy-protection, issue an apology to gamers and see where that will take you?  Sure, it will be on the pirate sites that much faster, but at least the legimate gamers will buy your games and recommend them to others.  Word of mouth goes a long way, and so far much of the words to be said is not good.

I want to keep supporting you EA.  In fact, I even went out to purchase a copy of the Creature Creator after you sent me one a few days before the release date….I’m sure others would love to be able to purchase your games as well, but your DRM is holding many folks back!