Well, yesterday Rick and Bubba rolled into town for their latest book, Rick and Bubba for President.  If you are not familiar with Rick & Bubba, they are a huge radio morning show primarily played in the South (along with a few places in the North – Maine and Alaska comes to mind).

I took advantage of their visit to Huntsville and attended Books-A-Million to grab their book along with the crew’s autographs.  It was a very long wait – 3 hours – and even they were surprised how huge the crowd became.  But I grabbed their autograph on my book, along with a few pictures (which came out badly as the interns were taking the pics (can’t blame them, they were new to the scenario and probably never seen or handled such a huge crowd.

The biggest highlight was when they were heading onto their bus – I happened to of stopped them to get their autograph on my General Lee.  Hit the jump to see the pictures from the event!  Oh, and you can click them for a bigger pic.

Chatting it up with one of the show’s producer, “Don Juan” DeMarco Williams.

Calvin “Speedy” Wilburn (another producer) glances back at a small kid

Greeting Rick Burgess and Bill “Bubba” Bussey

Pointing outside showing them my General Lee

Quick shot of Rick, Bubba and I

Quick shot of Speedy, Don Juan and I

Bubba signing my trunklid of the General Lee

Speedy autographing the General Lee, Rick thought it was unique.

Don Juan loved the idea of autographing the car (he is a huge Dukes of Hazzard fan).  As I told Bubba inside, he was shocked when he saw it behind the bus as according to him: “I thought you had a model car you wanted to sign, not a real one!”