You can find a new Q&A over at Yahoo with The Sims 3 Executive Producer Ben Bell.  It is a litte more in-depth then the previous Q&A from yesterday and it contains a few new facts.  One good thing I saw is that they plan to release developer tools a few months after the game is released.  I wish they would release their own object modeler or a plugin for GMAX…

Here is a snippet from the article:

Y!: How big is the neighborhood going to be?

BB: It’s going to be a good-sized, small town. It’ll have a little downtown with shops and a park, and a bunch of different residential neighborhoods where you can live. But what’s really cool, because the Sims is all about player creativity, is that we’re giving the players the tools to change their town. They can replace anyone in their town with characters that they create, and change any home they like. We’re also releasing our developer tools a couple of months after the game, so the community will be able to create their own towns.

Read Yahoo’s Q&A with Ben Bell