Allakhazam was lucky enough to snag an interview with Luc Barthelet, a Senior Vice President of EA.  His current project is EA Land, a revamp of The Sims Online.   Many questions are asked and some new details were announced.  If you’ve never been familiar with EA Land, then check it out – it’s completely free!  Here are a few questions from the interview.

AutumnKiss: With all of the changes being planned and executed, how do you think the future of EA-Land will fare in comparison to past disappointments?

Luc: I hope we will be able to implement user content games and user content editors inside EA-Land in the next few months. This will have a huge impact on the overall game.

AutumnKiss: Editors? As in, true custom content?

Luc: Yes. Rather than using external 3D program, users will be able to create chairs, sofas, tables, etc within the game with shape editors and materials.

We’re incredibly excited about the amazing things the players have been able to do thus far with custom content.

One thing we’re close to releasing (it is still in internal testing) is that players can change how the picture on their bio looks! We’ve been working hard to make sure what we do is very user friendly. For example, for the bio pics, players can simply upload a picture, and once it is approved, they can drag it to their bio.

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