Too bad I don’t own a phone! Even if I did, I don’t see how anyone can play on it’s small screen. But if you like gaming on cell phones, then you should probably look into Spore when it comes out. IGN has a preview of the game in action, along with screenshots of the game!

Spore is a one-button game. You use the action key to zip between smaller organisms out in the wild, yanking your spore around the stage. When you see a red reticle appear, just tap and you’re spore leaps into action. This sounds like a twitch game, and at first, the goal really is to rush through the stages as quickly as possible, filling your spore’s gullet with the necessary smaller bites. But as more and more bigger cells enter the mix, you need to think about how lunging (or not) at the right moment can get you out of danger. If two heavies are en route, hitting the eating button at the right time can pull you harmlessly right between them.