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Darkspore Parts for Spore!

Want more parts for your Spore game?  Darkspore’s editior is just a heavily modified version of Spore’s creator editor, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the files are roughly similar.  In fact, so similar that you can actually transfer the parts and pieces from Darkspore over to Spore!  Davopotamus figured out the method to display […]

Darkspore Patch Changelist

Only two more days until Maxis shuts off the last (or presume to be) Darkspore beta as it’ll be releasing on April 29th!  They pumped out a small patch which fixes a few minor bugs within the game: GENERAL Fixed a bug where some purchased upgrades were not available until after restarting the game. Fixed […]

Darkspore Beta #8 patch notes

Another big patch for the Darkspore beta has been released!  What all did it fix?  Maxis provides the details on their Darkspore forum: PERFORMANCE / CRASHES Fixed an issue where lag/stability would occur after completing several mission in a chain. We are continuing to monitor this fix, any feedback is welcome. Fixed an issue where […]

This Week In MMO – Darkspore

This week the hosts of TWIMMO wade through the weeks news, much like a fisherman wades through the river, seeking not only the satisfaction of catching the elusive bass but also the calm and serenity of the waters’ gentle trickle. ; Mike B visits Maxis and plays some Darkspore, Black Prophecy beta is broken down, […]

Will Wright at Inventing the Future of Games

Keynote speaker Will Wright is the award-winning creator of Spore, The Sims, and SimCity. The head of the entertainment think tank Stupid Fun Club, Wright is widely acknowledged for creating the simulation video game genre. Innovators in technology and design continually reimagine computer games. User-generated content for commercial games (Spore, Little Big Planet), social network […]