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LOLcats…nope, it’s LOLsims

Maxis has uploaded various fan-made spoofs of the LOLcats meme in which they’re calling LOLsims.  Some aren’t too bad…in fact, they are pretty good…my favorite has to be this one: You can check out many more over at The Sims 2 website!

Results from the DRM FTC debate

Yesterday was a busy day in Seattle, with the Federal Trades Commission holding a hearing on DRM found on various electronic devices.  It was a pretty good turnout according to a few articles.  A representative from our very own “Reclaim your Game” (congrats you guys :D) attended the event, even had the chance to make […]

1.5 million Mustangs run amok in The Sims 2

Cnet’s CarTech blog shows statistics from Ford’s product placement in The Sims 2: over 5.7 million vehicles have been giving away, with 1.5 million of them being the Ford Mustang .  Along with the Mustang, Ford also offers players the Fusion, Edge and Escape Hybrid models. An interesting fact is that the cars weren’t modeled […]

Sims 2 featured machinima: Bacteria

Just received word today that Peter’s (aka ‘The Sid Dog’) latest machinima, Bacteria, made it onto the front page of TheSims2.com as a featured video!  Props to you, Peter for your fantastic work as a machinima artist!  You can check out his other video and works over at TheSidDog.com

I’m your God now! *steals ladder*

I normally don’t play a lot of PC games.  Just about every PC game that I have owned and played have been simulation/god games.  I don’t think it’s my thrill of playing god, I just find the games to simply be enjoyable.  Not to mention many of the games are customizable with user-created content.  Tech […]