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PhD Student Uses The Sims To “Steal” Any Celebrity’s Haircut

The project was recently featured on Prosthetic Knowledge, but the technique is anything but an overnight success. His technique is really a combination of several techniques: first, they scanned Flickr for 100,000 portraits. Manually, they trained the computer, by marking hair segments—basically, the chunks of your hair like parts that will dictate how the strands flow down […]

Check Out This Amazing Cover of The Sims Makin’ Magic Theme

Simmers Meetup Returns Autumn 2016

The Simmers Meetup, an annual event which celebrates The Sims franchise, has announced that the event will be making it’s return in Autumn 2016. Event organisers BeyondSims and Rachybop announced the news on the official Simmers Meetup website, following requests from eager Simmers for further information! “We can confirm that this years Simmers Meetup will […]

LIVE: Freezer Bunny Reported Missing; Maxis Begins Search to Find Him [April Fools 2016]

We are happy to confirm that Freezer Bunny has been safely found. He was visiting his bear friend in Granite Falls, hence the brown fur! Phew! LAST UPDATED: 15:39 BST There have been reported sightings of Freezer Bunny in Granite Falls, according to Twitter follower Annabel. SimCity police are hoping to pinpoint his location after the […]

Reminder! The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff Launches Tomorrow