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The SimCity Social Page is LIVE!


LIKE it and prepare for a Facebook game by Maxis and NOT Playfish.

theblackscorpion The Black Scorpion loves anything Maxis. The Black Scorpion especially loves The Sims and SimCity franchises (excluding Societies). I am a Texan, but not by choice. I am a so-so cook. I sometimes refer to myself in third person. That is all for now... or is it? Muahahaha!!!
  • Oh thank goodness it’s not Playfish, but could have fooled me. The way they drew The Sims looks just like The Sims Social sims. Bet they’re still going to charge an arm and a leg for pretty much everything though.

  • Haha, got to love the slogan. ‘More City, Less Ville’ xD. Cheeky.

  • It’s “Clever people at Maxis with Playfish”