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Sims3.com Going Offline for Maintenance in 30 Minutes!


Wait! Maintenance in the morning instead of the afternoon? Interesting… I wonder if our My Pages will be updated or could it be in preparation for Thursday? Thoughts?

theblackscorpion The Black Scorpion loves anything Maxis. The Black Scorpion especially loves The Sims and SimCity franchises (excluding Societies). I am a Texan, but not by choice. I am a so-so cook. I sometimes refer to myself in third person. That is all for now... or is it? Muahahaha!!!


  1. if they continue, I fear the pc gamer will go the way of the dodo & saturday morning cartoons. but it is like anything that relies too heavily on one given thing or another, it becomes a weakness. EA has forgotten the Sims roots while trying to grow and branch the franchise, and that will become a pitfall and we’ll get a godawful reboot like what capcom is doing to DmC.

  2. Yep, they’re already changing the My Page. I was able to get to mine from the forums and the new layout is starting to take shape. There’s just a few basic things like the username (thesims3.com one, not Origin ID), a broken image where my sim’s pic should be, and join date.


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