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German Simmers – Win a copy of Pets signed by Anthony Ross!


Follow the instructions in the link below to find out more!

To participate in our contest, you have only one question to answer us and tell Ross how he can make a unicorn. Sends us to the 4th November 2011 an e-mail to gewinnspiel@simtimes.dewith the correct answer to our contest question:

How can Ross in The Sims 3: Simply animal encounter a unicorn?

  1. Their Sims have to stick a horse just a carrot on the end.
  2. Winding their Sims’ family must be at least 200 foals, then appears as a thank you the unicorn.
  3. Their Sims have just roam the neighborhood. Eventually he meets the unicorn.

The right solution may not come to you? Then have a look into the best SimForum , where you can find the solution. We wish you good luck!


Source: SimTimes

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One Comment

  1. cloudyday

    October 28, 2011 at 11:19 am

    The guy’s name is Ross Anthony not Anthony Ross! 🙂 He’s i German singer and has a show where he trains pets. (at least I think he still does that). He’s a bit silly but I wouldn’t mind winning the game and sell it to a fan.


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