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Overload: The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff pics & unboxing


Think I’m going to call it quits on pics for Fast Lane Stuff after this.  Let me give my thanks to all of the people that provided the content for this post – InfiniteSims, ExtraSims, and the many people from The Sims 3 Official forums!

Unboxing (by Jaime of ExtraSims)


4972441067_8209542e55_s.jpg 4973055244_285945cc08_s.jpg 4972441149_90a7d3605f_s.jpg 4972441197_6c86c25bb4_s.jpg 4972441241_85f0d296b0_s.jpg 4973055404_ce21202aec_s.jpg 4972441319_d75a8a7114_s.jpg 4973055506_7d1fe2fe62_s.jpg 4973055578_82bab29d64_s.jpg 4973055606_87ab4ce87f_s.jpg 4972441557_97f8b32dfe_s.jpg 4973055746_56c4635b71_s.jpg 4973055822_4bd34f4ff6_s.jpg 4973055874_6d405378bb_s.jpg 4972441785_8304dfef4b_s.jpg 4972441827_be9f9d11c9_s.jpg 4973055988_32f00c53f7_s.jpg 4973056046_31496d07d6_s.jpg 4973056104_d30c0fa132_s.jpg 4972442019_a252e4e9bb_s.jpg 4972442081_b5d3c41442_s.jpg 4972442127_581fce36ba_s.jpg 4973056300_a257582418_s.jpg 4973056346_ddc029c17c_s.jpg 4973056390_d16ceded8c_s.jpg 4973056450_4d3af842f2_s.jpg 4972442323_96b941a124_s.jpg 4972442355_0bec5b2cd3_s.jpg 4972442391_cc881bf535_s.jpg 4973056740_13ef6d63c8_s.jpg 4972442619_0e6658510c_s.jpg 4973056814_72feaec4ac_s.jpg 4973056848_ff30efa5db_s.jpg 4972442707_560160411b_s.jpg 4972442741_429543a967_s.jpg 4972442777_44bae31774_s.jpg 4973057000_d44147fc14_s.jpg 4973057044_df4c699e1c_s.jpg 4972442887_8ce3f88619_s.jpg 4973057118_7c66ebd547_s.jpg 4972442959_df7157525f_s.jpg 4972443005_19704ddddf_s.jpg 4973057232_c943e06416_s.jpg 4973057302_f9455fef6e_s.jpg 4972443109_6372f731cc_s.jpg 4972443149_dbea2cfd60_s.jpg 4973057426_307a2c9706_s.jpg 4972443205_e3c65b269b_s.jpg 4973057474_e64b34a3c4_s.jpg 4973057550_dc5378863b_s.jpg 4973057514_48403fd6a2_s.jpg 4973057592_ca0fa8c63a_s.jpg 4972443409_2b9128f2e5_s.jpg 4973057644_5b7904e4d2_s.jpg 4973057656_3703667a1d_s.jpg 4973057736_8e12538b71_s.jpg 4973057796_99a47df78f_s.jpg 4972443663_6e089e43c0_s.jpg 4972443747_84fb2143d5_s.jpg 4972443823_81395c4b3e_s.jpg 4973058140_95a0a477ca_s.jpg 4973058216_5728529214_s.jpg 4972444097_3c6c6276b6_s.jpg 4972444187_2e67cd2107_s.jpg 4972444263_1ef6bc4757_s.jpg 4973058672_2d6194e8bb_s.jpg 4972444441_39845083fc_s.jpg 4973058938_cec8622b90_s.jpg 4973059018_1dd5f66757_s.jpg 4973059156_d3608f86ed_s.jpg 4973059236_bee007ac77_s.jpg 4972445001_c1a09a3234_s.jpg 4972445085_9fb3abf7c4_s.jpg 4973059624_65f41e0a77_s.jpg 4973059760_5b35dc3662_s.jpg

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  1. Daniel

    September 9, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    EA have got so cheap to make the manuals black and white.


  2. w3by

    September 9, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    We always get black & white manuals in Slovenia 😛


  3. w3by

    September 9, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    Tho the cover of the manual is in color, but the rest of it is B&W 😛


  4. uknortherner

    September 9, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    The manual’s always been black and white in the UK too, even back in the Sims 1 days when they couldn’t even be bothered with adding a cover – you got an epilepsy warning on the front page and then you were straight into the contents page. I suppose the only saving grace is that they use higher quality paper now.


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