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If there’s one thing The Sims team are known for is teasing us about upcoming content for The Sims 4 – whether that’s indirectly hinting at things on social media or leaving a teaser in a pack.

With the Maxis Monthly live stream being held on April 9th, the roadmap for The Sims 4 over the next six moths was revealed! While it doesn’t go into too much detail, which is a shame, it does give us a taste of what type of content we can expect soon between now and October.

Firstly, there will be a brand new expansion pack for The Sims 4. A lot of people in the community are holding out for a University themed expansion, which is probably one of the most popular expansion themes behind Pets and Seasons. While no details have been shared as to what the theme or release date could be, I am personally hoping we will see something around June.

The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack
The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack

Why June? We’ve recently had a new game pack – StrangerVille – and we know that 32-bit support is being discontinued for The Sims 4 as of June this year. With such a dramatic change coming, I expect something like an expansion pack would make sense. However, it could be a stuff pack. Again, with the recent release of StrangerVille, I don’t think it’d make sense to release another game pack so soon.

Interestingly, a new game pack and stuff pack will also be coming in the next six months. Just when you thought stuff packs were dead too! Over the last few years, stuff packs became quite a regular occurrence until My First Pet Stuff when they suddenly vanished. With it now being over a year since the last one, hopefully it won’t be too long until we get something here.

The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Pack
The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Pack

In addition to new expansion, game and stuff packs, there will also be regular updates to The Sims 4 base game which everyone can benefit from! With it being the fifth anniversary for The Sims 4 this year, it’ll be interesting to see if they have anything special in-store closer to September!

What are you hoping to see for The Sims 4 in the coming months? Let us know in the comments, Twitter and Facebook!


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