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Earlier this week we shared the news that there would be a new collaboration between Moschino, an Italian fashion company, and The Sims.

This collection is now available to purchase from the official Moschino website and their various boutique stores around the world. I will give you a word of warning though – prepare to be flabbergasted by the prices!

Frezer bunny T-shirt? £170 GBP.
Freezer bunny hoody? £354 GBP.
Pixel capsule biker bag? £716 GBP.

Moschino x The Sims products
There’s a wide variety of designs inspired by The Sims

You get the idea, it’s incredibly expensive for a collection that has been inspired by The Sims. I understand this is a high-fashion brand, and the prices are reflective of that, but I really do not think that this sort of collaboration will be accessible for the vast majority of people. And honestly, I wouldn’t pay these prices for clothing.

But if you are looking to explore the range then feel free to take a look to see the collaboration. With more in-game announcements due in the future, I do wonder if the next stuff pack could be a Moschino inspired one.

But, in my opinion, there is only one word that can be used to describe the price of these Sims-inspired items…

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