Presented by EA GameChangersA new quest will be arriving in The Sims Mobile this week! On Thursday 21st March 2019, you will be able to work through the top secret mission quest.

What do you get for completing this? You’ll unlock theĀ secret agent career which will then allow you to start another quest in the future (which we will share more details on closer to the time).

There are 22 steps for you to complete in the Top Secret Mission quest which involves various activities, long events, earning simoleons and completing LlamaZoom tasks. By doing this, you’ll get the commemorative freeze ray and unlock the new career.

If you want to plan out how you are going to complete this quest, or just see what steps there are, then you can check out this handy breakdown provided by EA!Top Secret Mission Quest Instructions

Be sure to complete this before you run out of time, because then you will be able to get started with the upcoming secret agent advanced mission to unlock super villain outfits!

This is very unlikely that you’ll be able to start this particular quest this time around, due to the timings of the first quest, so you will have to wait for the re-run. But here’s a teaser of what is in-store…

Secret Agent Clothing

Presented by EA GameChangers who provided assets for use. All views are our own.


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