The time has come for The Sims Mobile! To celebrate the worldwide launch, we sat down with three members of The Sims Mobile game team to discover some tips & tricks and learn about their personal play styles.

Jeff Weir
Role: Franchise Art Director

Can you tell us about the opportunities available for players who love the art of storytelling?

Oooh, I love stories, both experiencing them and making my own up. Thankfully, in The Sims Mobile, you can do both! Each Sim has a bunch of stories available to play, whether you want to tell a story about enemies becoming friends, or how you went about learning to play guitar. Stories are ever only as rich as their characters, and our Create-A-Sim gives you the ability to create anyone, from any background, to tell your story.

What can players look forward to in The Sims Mobile?

I think what everyone will enjoy is the game growing with them. You start simply with one Sim and eventually grow to where your world is filled with your Sims, non-playable character Sims, your friend’s Sims and Sims made throughout the community. Beyond playing with the Sims, I am an addictive collector, so I love working to unlock collections to make my home and workplace just the way I like it.

What is your favorite feature on The Sims Mobile?

Perhaps one of my favorite things in the game is our Risky Actions gameplay where players can choose to show off their Sims’ skills in different activities. The Sims do some pretty hilarious things when things don’t go their way, and some of their reactions are laugh-out-loud funny!

What are your top tips for new players?

Before you leave a session be sure to start all your Sims on an event, that way you can maximize your Lifestyle, XP and Rewards while you’re away. Regarding Create-A-Sim, when you go in to adjust your Sims’ head or body you have some really powerful tools hidden in there. Just tap on the Pen icon and you’ll find sliders that allow you to adjust any part of the Sims’ head or body. You can create the likeness of just about anybody!

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