EDIT: It appears IGN do this with most Sims expansions, so we wont be getting a console version.

Thanks to BeyondSims Forum Member residenteviloutbreak for the heads up!

It seems like The Sims 3 University is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 within the year if this listing on IGN is correct. There is no word on a Wii/Wii U edition.

While I would say to take this with a grain of salt, it should be noted that they list Edge Of Reality as the co-developer, which is the studio that has done the console versions in the past. Our forums tend to be bustling daily in the Console section, so this should be good news for some of you. What are your thoughts?


  1. However, none of the sims 3 expansions have console dates.
    This is the only one, so the update is kinda false.
    I even went on archive.com`s wayback machine, still, none of the sims 3 expansions have had this happen, except pets, which got a console version.

    This is probably correct.


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