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TouchMyApps – SimCity Deluxe in review (iPhone)


If everything you dreamed of as a kid has always been to look out of your office window and a city of your own grow and prosper, SimCity Deluxe is a must have game. It’s amazingly full-featured, both in content and in graphics. There’s nothing like watching aliens decimate buildings you worked so hard on at full zoom-in. At the same time the game is a bit restrictive on hardware and if you’re on an iPhone 3G or similar prepare for random crashes and slowdowns. Casual gamers may also be a bit cautious because SimCity Deluxe is one of the more complex sim games out there and even with the tutorial, much will have to be discovered on your own. But anyone willing to put in the little bit of effort required to master the mechanics will quickly find themselves spending days and nights with their iDevice in hand and building the perfect city.

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